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Below you will find absolutely free training plans for you to use designed by Valiant Running. You can modify them as well to your specific needs for your upcoming race and training cycle.

Key Terms


CP (Conversational Pace) - an easy pace in which you can carry on a conversation while you are running. This is the pace you use on a regular training day run.


Cross (Cross-training) - can be a supplemental workout to substitute for running which could last between 20-30 minutes in length. Examples of good cross-training activities for running would be Yoga, walking, cycling, or swimming. Some athletes play other sports to supplement their cross-training workout such as basketball, football, volleyball, but these sports can increase your chance of injury while training for a specific race.


Tempo (Tempo Run) - "threshold or hard run." A run that pushes your physical limits and should be comfortably hard.


Rest - no strenuous activity should be done. I do recommend a brisk 10-15 min walk and some full body stretching to keep your body loose and comfortable.


Shakeout run - a short, light easy run prior to the actual race. Shakeout runs should be done between 30 min to 1 hr before the race start. Shakeout runs should be at least 10-15 mins long.

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