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Running for a Cause and Why You Should

Think about the amount of times you have been asked “why do you run?”, this question probably comes from a non-runner who does not understand why you would enjoy such a brutal task. You most likely explained to them all the mental and physical benefits that come along with running, yet they never seem to understand.

Although there are hundreds of reasons one might enjoy running, a huge one could be that you run for a cause. Running for a cause allows you the opportunity to give back to society through an activity that you enjoy.

How Does Running Help?

Typically, when you find a cause to run for, you pay a small participation fee which is then donated to a specific charity. Money is also donated by different organizations based on the number of miles you run. This type of running forces you to go for that extra mile. It gives you a huge incentive to push yourself further past what you thought you were capable of and allows you to create larger goals for yourself. Running for a cause is a win-win for both parties involved, you are given the opportunity to do good for society and practice a hobby that you enjoy. The motivation that comes with charity running is greater than you can ever imagine, you have people cheering you own, the dopamine rush that comes with helping others, and beauty of being apart of something bigger than yourself.

How Do I Find a Cause to Run for?

Finding a cause to run for is easy, you can search through your local papers, find organizations that offer local races, virtual runs, or flyers posted around your town.

Popular charities include:


· Wildlife organizations

· Breast Cancer Awareness

· Red Cross

· The Sports Bra Project

Organizing Your Own Race

If you have a specific cause you want to run for but are struggling to find a race/event that contributes to it, then you can create your own!

Organizing your own event is not as complicated as it may seem. Take notes on the steps below to find out how.

Step 1: Find the cause you want to run for.

Step 2: Find a place to host the run. This could mean talking to your cities council and renting out a local park to use for the event.

Step 3: Create a flyer that explains why your cause is important and needs attention. You should also include valuable information like the race fee, date, time, location, and if it is rain or shine.

Step 4: Get a group together to help and volunteer to organize the event.

Step 5: Run!

Bottom Line

Whether you create your own event or run for an existing one, you will be apart of something huge. Running for a cause will bring you closer to your personal goals and achieve your community goals. Get up and find your cause today!

Source: Kuzma, Cindy. “8 Women's Running Charities to Support This Year.” Runner's World, Runner's World, 17 Sept. 2020,

Disclaimer: I’m not a fitness expert, medical doctor or registered dietician. This blog is solely to share my experiences in running, fitness and nutrition. In regards to your health, please do your own study and exploration. Everything I share here comes from personal experiences, knowledge gained from sources, and is based off my own lifestyle. If you are in need of specific advice in any of these areas, please contact your own health professional.


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