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Safe Running Practices During the Pandemic

Covid-19 has transformed the world as we knew it. It has become increasingly important to be aware of our sanitary procedures and contact with our fellow neighbors. The virus may have shut down restaurants, gyms, entertainment centers, and even our place of employment, but it has not taken away our opportunity to run. It is still possible to stay safe during the pandemic and practice your local social distancing laws.

Pandemic Running Tips

One of the best ways to ensure your safety and the safety of others is to avoid using the gym. Instead of using a treadmill to complete your daily miles, consider outdoor running. Avoiding the confining walls of a building helps to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is equally important to find a running space that is more isolated than your local popular trails. This will allow you to ensure proper space between fellow runners.

You could consider sticking to your local neighborhood. Avoiding leaving your home streets can decrease the spread and range of germs. Using the sidewalks will give you the advantage of crossing the street if you are encountering other pedestrians.

Should You Wear a Mask?

Wearing a mask may be difficult when running but is necessary if you are around others. It is important to ensure that you are still getting enough oxygen through your mask to prevent any injuries from occurring.

Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing manufacturer, created the Airism mask which is extremely breathable, meaning you can still comfortably run and be protected during these challenging times. You can buy a 3 pack of these washable masks for just under $14.

Run Alone

Even with a mask and social distancing, running in a group during a pandemic is not a clever idea. When you run, your breathing gets heavier and this increases the rate of germs that will leave your body and enter the air.

If you do feel that you still want to run in a group, consider running on opposite sides of the street, avoid carpooling to running locations, and only run with those you normally come in contact with.

Staying Safe is Easy

A pandemic does not mean that you must give up on your personal goals, but you should accommodate your runs to state and federal laws. Following these guidelines will help you to protect yourself and your family/friends. Keep running but stay safe. You can not run if you get sick! Remember: if you are unsure on the standard procedures surrounding Covid-19, visit the CDC’s website.

Disclaimer: I’m not a fitness expert, medical doctor or registered dietician. This blog is solely to share my experiences in running, fitness and nutrition. In regards to your health, please do your own study and exploration. Everything I share here comes from personal experiences, knowledge gained from sources, and is based off my own lifestyle. If you are in need of specific advice in any of these areas, please contact your own health professional.

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